It's Time to Build: The World's Fair

Praxis Founding Member Cam Wiese's Heroic Project

Praxis Founding Member Cam Wiese says we should bring back the great American World's Fair to return to the future:

We now have the tools, resources, and means of coordination to reach heights that seemed impossible just four decades ago. Imagine the problems we could now solve and the feats we could achieve if we began to pursue a new, collective vision for the future.

And to arrive at this vision, we must have a global conversation about the world we want to live in. However, holding that conversation today is even harder than in the past. The digital dominance of the 21st Century has sorted us into our own tailored versions of online reality, where we drown in ads and information. It's overwhelming, noisy, and ephemeral. It's hard to have a simple conversation, let alone align the globe on a future worth building.

This is why we must look to the past — to the World's Fairs — to build the future…

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