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We'll be hosting events on Praxis, new cities, and modern heroes

Praxis Threshold.

Thus far, we’ve kept the goings-on of Praxis, our new city’s society, opaque.

Today, we are opening a public space for Praxis Appreciators, Applicants, and friends: the Praxis Threshold.

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Threshold is a place to discuss the Praxis Society, the city we are building, to meet Members, and to follow the new city movement more broadly.

We will host weekly fireside chats with Founders, Investors, Government Officials, and Praxis Members on Wednesdays at 6pm PT.

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Praxis is the society of pioneers founding the city of the future.

COVID killed the Industrial Age city. Today, the global reach of the internet is enabling us to find our purpose in new cities organized around shared values and glorious visions for the future. Praxis Members are founders, engineers, writers, investors, and artists racing to settle the first resident-owned Affinity City, developed by Bluebook Cities on the Mediterranean. Before the city opens, Members are shaping our city’s culture, forming lifelong bonds, and building the institutions that will be at the center of 21st-century society.

Praxis applicants are carefully vetted with a written application and numerous phone calls with current Members. New Members are rare because Membership is sacred.

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